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BASI Wrap Up 2022

December 20, 2022

My Dear Family and Friends,

As I reflect on the past year I am filled with a sense of youthful joy, enthusiasm, and optimism. We emerged victorious from the challenges of 2020 and 2021, and in 2022 we further cemented our success. To cite all our accomplishments over the past year, although each one well-deserving of mention, would take far more than a short holiday letter.

I will start with a recent personal highlight – being the first person who did not study directly with Joseph Pilates to be inducted into the PMA Legacy Circle. The emotional impact of this award on me has been enormous. I recognize that there are many around the world who are equally as deserving of this honor, so to be elected has left me feeling at once humbled, grateful, and overjoyed. To serve as the bridge between Joseph and Clara Pilates and the First-Generation teachers, and all of us that have followed, brings into full focus the gravity and significance of this award. (See video)

BASI continues to grow and thrive. In 2022 I had the wonderful opportunity to travel to London and Seoul with Adelle. To witness firsthand the strong and very vibrant young BASI communities in the UK and Korea was an inspiration. Words cannot adequately describe the enormity of LFTL London (See workshop and classes) and LFTL Korea (See interview). Both were accompanied with a Mentor Program and several workshops. In Korea I had the distinct pleasure and honor of officiating the wedding of Juhan and Eunmi (See video). Certainly, one of the highlights of my life.

Talking about the Mentor, this year we took the Legacy Program to new heights. I taught 7 courses (a combination of Mentor, Master l, Master ll, and Honors) both in-person and online (See Mentor wrap-up video). Added to that Maria and Ilaria also taught the Mentor Program in Athens to rave reviews. I will not be teaching any more Legacy Programs until Honors 2024. All those wanting to attend Honors 2024 will be able to complete the pre-requisites in 2023 and early 2024. Honors 2024 will be coupled with a BASI Summit, followed by LFTL Newport Beach. This promises to be a celebration of epic proportions!

In August my dear friend, David Thai, joined the team as BASI CEO. It has been wonderful to have David help navigate the day to day of BASI life and shoulder some of the responsibility. In a short time, David has managed to implement some very profound changes that have made all our lives easier, and our work more efficient.

To the team that makes the magic happen each day, you are my heroes! Stella running operations like a finely oiled machine. Jillian keeping our finances on track. Cheryl overseeing the BASI Expansion Project, Licensees, and Hosts. Brandon taking care of our students from pre-enrollment to graduation. Seckin and Jacqueline fulfilling our global marketing needs. The team of teachers at BASI Pilates Academy – USA who keep the clients happy, and the students well informed. The Education Committee and the Advisory Board, both relatively recent initiatives, helping steer BASI in the right direction. Our Licensees, Hosts, BASI Pilates Academies, and BASI Pilates Studios who all fly the BASI flag high and proud in over 50 countries. Our 130-strong BASI Faculty who are our ambassadors, and help set BASI’s high standard of education and share our core values worldwide. Of course, none of this would be possible without our thousands of students and graduates. I bow to each of you, one and all. You help keep our north star shining bright and clear. Thank you!

As the devastating war in Ukraine rages on, I am proud say that we donated $10,000 to the World Central Kitchen that is invariably the first to help feed people in disaster zones around the world. Chef José Andrés ( is a man I admire greatly. I aspire to do through Pilates what he does with food – promote wellbeing and make the world a better place.

I am going to sign off with a personal true story. I was taking Shiloh for his early morning 5K walk. It was pitch dark. I was unaware that we were being followed by a large coyote. I somehow turned around as the coyote was about to pounce. I chased it away and Shiloh continued walking along, wagging his tail, unphased by his close encounter with death. It struck me that just as I saved Shiloh from a sure fatal outcome, so we all have family, friends, and a higher power that help steer us through life. Sometimes we are aware of this, and often not. Split-second decisions can change the path of our lives, at times avoiding what could be disastrous consequences. 

So, it is with a heart overflowing with gratitude and love that I wish you, my dear BASI family and friends, a holiday season filled with good health, happiness, and tranquility.


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