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10 Reasons Why You Should Do Pilates

December 13, 2021

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Pilates is a workout everyone should experience at least once, so we came up with a list of 10 reasons why you should do Pilates. Whether it is taking a Mat Class or a Reformer Class, there are multiple options in which Pilates can help you get what you need from a workout.

1. It Builds Up Your Energy:

Imagine you go workout, and you feel you have no energy at all. But what happens when you do work out? Did you notice that when you work out, your energy increases? Doing a Pilates class can cause the same energy increase. It builds up the body’s ability to circulate oxygen, thus giving you more energy.

2. It’s a Full-Body Workout:

Pilates does not just focus on one or two parts of the body. When you take a Pilates class, you often get to work on the upper and lower parts of the body. Whether it’s on a reformer or a Mat, you are working the muscles on every side of your body.

3. It Prevents Injury:

One of the benefits of taking a Pilates class is that it can help you prevent injury. It does this because it helps you keep your muscles in balance, and strengthens your core. The most important way it helps prevent injuries is by improving your body awareness, coordination, and mental concentration.

4. Improves Your Mind/Body Awareness:

Speaking of mental concentration, Pilates is an effective way of allowing yourself to be more aware of how your mind flows, as well as how your body moves. It gives you the mental fortitude to keep going in a positive direction and also allows you to know how every part of your body functions.

5. Sustains a Healthy Weight:

If you take a Pilates class, it will probably help you maintain the healthy weight you are searching for. It is all about consistency here, as taking a class regularly can help gain you better posture, muscle tone, and a toned core area. Because of this, your body is building muscle.

6. Improves Concentration:

Your concentration will improve when taking a Pilates class. It is a key principle of Pilates, and that gives you the ability to focus on the singular goal you are looking for. Your muscles will respond better after each Pilates class you take, and you will improve.

7. Enhances Athletic Performance:

Did you know taking Pilates can help you improve in other sports? Pilates gives you more flexibility, power, and better movement. So, whether it’s dribbling down the court for a three-pointer or trying to kick the ball into the net, Pilates can give you a wide range of abilities to help improve your game.

8. Relieves Stress:

Pilates can help relieve stress. It allows you to relieve all the tension in your body and create a balance in your core that you did not realize you had.

9. Creates a Balance of Strength and Flexibility:

As indicated earlier, Pilates can increase your strength and improve your flexibility. Because the workout is helping you work on every muscle in your body, it creates a perfect balance of strength and flexibility.

10. Boosts Your Self Esteem:

Working out makes you feel better. Pilates can boost your self-esteem because you come out of it feeling better than you have ever felt. It also leaves you wanting more, as every Pilates class brings you closer to your goal of ultimate fitness.

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